The selection process to become an UI-MARC Trainee is described below:

  • Currently UI-enrolled sophomores and juniors who wish to pursue a career in research and are committed to pursing graduate (PhD) education should submit an application and letter of recommendation. Priority deadline for consideration is February 1.
  • Selected candidates are interviewed in March. The UI-MARC selection committee may include Co-PIs, staff, and/or a faculty member from the student’s area of research. 
  • Students identified by the UI-MARC selection committee to show promise for and a commitment to a career in scientific research are selected to become UI-MARC trainees. 
  • UI MARC appointed trainees will be offered a 1 year fellowship appointment starting June 1 and ending May 30.
  • Trainees must sign the UI-MARC Contract, which specifies that if at any time the student realizes they not wish to pursue a Ph.D., they must withdraw from the UI-MARC program.