Undergraduate Students

Research is being conducted across the University of Iowa, and we aim to bring the opportunity to do undergraduate research to the attention of all interested students. If you simply wish to learn more about undergraduate research without formally applying to a program, you can register as a "Pathfinder".

Involvement in research and creative scholarship enriches and rounds-out education. If you are interested in joining a peer group of like-minded students interested in STEM fields, you can get involved by:

  • Registering as a Pathfinder (see below) to learn more about programs and events offered through the Iowa Sciences Academy.
  • Applying for a paid research opportunity through one of our programs.
  • Inquire about Peer Mentoring

Pathfinders will be invited to events and programs exploring research experiences, offering professional development and assistance in connecting students with informal mentors known in the community as "Science Allies".

Click here to become a Pathfinder

Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Post-Docs

Faculty, staff, post-docs, and graduate students can participate in Iowa Sciences Academy science outreach and engagement activities in several ways. Email ui-isa@uiowa.edu to express your interest or to consult on an outreach project:

  • Registering as a Science Ally (see below) to impact and grow undergraduate research experiences across campus.
  • Sponsoring and/or mentoring a Latham Fellow project.
  • Serving as a guest speaker for an ISA-sponsored event.
  • Serving as a poster or seminar judge.
  • Hosting a virtual lab tour.

Science Allies provide interested UI undergraduate students, known in the ISA community as "Pathfinders", access to informal mentors who can offer support throughout their college career and provide opportunities for learning more about STEM majors and research on campus. Your involvement as a Science Ally mentor is encouraged to impact and grow undergraduate research experiences across campus!

Click here to become a Science Ally