Check out our current Undergraduate Peer Mentors.  

William Dong

Message for Mentees:

I am a senior in biomedical engineering, doing research on magnetic resonance imaging related image processing. Please feel free to reach out!

Molly Guerra

Message for Mentees:

Hi everyone! My name is Molly Guerra, I am a senior here at the University of Iowa majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Relations with a certificate in Resilience and Trauma-Informed Perspectives. I transferred here with my Associate of Arts (A.A.) in Pre-Health Professions from Eastern Iowa Community College. I am an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Developmental Psychopathology Lab and the Iowa ADHD and Development Lab. After obtaining my undergraduate degree, I plan to continue my education and obtain a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology or School Psychology.

As a peer mentor, I want to help my mentee learn about the research field, get involved, and make a friend! I love cats, dogs, trying new coffee shops, and going to the football games!

Precious Pate

Message for Mentees:

Hello! My name is Precious Maryah Pate and I'm a fourth-year public health student on the pre-medicine track. I'm a first-generation college student hoping to help make the most of your undergraduate experience!

Madalyn Lovejoy

Message for Mentees:

Hello! My name is Madalyn (she/they), I'm a senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender, Women's and Sexuality Studies. I identify as a queer, first-gen student. My current research in the Clinical-Cognitive Science Lab looks at the rape-supportive attitudes sexual minorities and heterosexuals endorse across both heteronormative and gender-inclusive measures. After undergrad, my goal is to obtain a PhD in Social Psychology.

As a mentor, I am hoping to help you succeed in research, answer any questions you may have, and work to establish a friendly mentor/mentee relationship over the course of the year. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and playing D&D with my friends!

Lupita Morales Aguilar

Hello, my name is Lupita, and I am a senior at the University of Iowa. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Relations with a certificate in Resilience and Trauma-Informed Perspectives. I am Latina (Mexican American) and a first-generation college student from Storm Lake, Iowa. I work in the DEN Lab under Dr. Ece Demir-Lira in the Psychological and Brain Sciences department. My future goals are to get my PhD in counseling psychology. In the future, I aim to work with Spanish-speaking clients, first-generation students and work in multi-cultural/underrepresented communities. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, and eating out with friends. 

Message to my mentee:

I did not know I wanted to get involved with research until I realized I wanted to get my PhD. I did not have any prior experience with working in a lab except for a few research methods classes I took. I loved my experience in the lab, and I realized I wanted to be not just a practitioner but a researcher as well. I want to help my mentee have a person to guide them and give them advice as they go through their research journey. Being Latina and first-gen, it's very much a "learn as you go" process, but I would like to be there to guide them, so they don't feel like they are alone. 

Daniel Carson
Student Photo

Hi everyone! My name is Daniel and I am a senior majoring in biochemistry. My current research interest is focused on addiction; specifically investigating the neural circuitry that underlies cravings to a substance using EPHYS recordings.

I am looking for a mentor/mentee relationship that is friendship-oriented, but with a large emphasis on academic and professional growth. I want to help you succeed in your journey as an undergraduate, whether it’s through academic support, or advice for professional and life situations.

 Johanna Castillo Aguirre
Student Photo

Hi everyone! My name is Johanna Castillo, and I’m a senior majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Global Health Studies on the pre-dental track. I consider my main identities to be a first-generation student, an immigrant, and a woman in STEM. A little bit more about me, my interests include science, dentistry, animals, and art! I believe in treating everyone with respect and that pets make people happier! 

In this mentorship program, I am looking to help you succeed in your undergraduate journey. Help you in any way I can, whether in academics or tell you about opportunities I know. This semester I am most available to meet during the weekend. Lastly, I want to wish y’all a great semester!

 Quinn Eldridge
student photo

Major: ​Biomedical Sciences​​
Philosophy​: ​I believe in science.​​
Interests: ​My interests are biology and biochemistry.

What I am looking for: ​I hope to form more friendship-like relationships with mentees.​

My passion​: ​My passion is classical music. Let me know if you need any recommendations. 
Identities: ​I am a Black, LGBTQ+, man in science.

Availability​: ​I think it is important to be flexible with availability. I understand that everyone is busy, so please work with me on finding a time to meet. I want to meet with you as much as you feel is needed and helpful!

Message to potential mentees: ​I am open to having a mentor in any field, not just genetics. ​​

 Gomez, Sofia
student photo

My name is Sofia Gomez (any pronouns) and I’m a senior studying Biology on the cellular and Developmental Biology track, with double minor in Spanish and German. My focus is Developmental Biology and Cell Biology, and learning new languages! I strongly believe in making everyone feel welcome in STEM fields, especially underrepresented minorities. I believe that having intersectional conversations are needed to progress as a whole field. 

What I am looking for: I am looking for a friend that I can mentor, someone that wants to learn and might need someone older to guide them.  I love reading (all types of books) and doing puzzles!

I identify as a Queer Mexican woman in science, I migrated to the US when I was 14, and if you have a similar background, I can be of some help! I am usually pretty busy, but I’m very flexible with my availability and can meet most afternoons. If you found any of this interesting, reach out even if we don’t get matched, I love meeting new people!

Bryan Guevara
student photo

Major: Biology, B.S. (Genetics & Biotech)
Philosophy: I believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to showcase their skills, potential, and to truly blossom as people. 
Interest: I am interested in ecology & evolution! I really like conservation research and other related works! I really like learning about technology, ancient history, and I enjoy learning new languages! I also recently got into climbing recently... it's a work in progress.

What I am looking for: I am looking for a mentor/mentee relationship that focuses on the mentee's growth: academically, professionally, etc. I am passionate about mentoring because it allows me to help prepare underclassmen for success and be overall more well-rounded compared to when I was in their position. 
Identities: POC, First-gen student, low-income background, Latinx. 

Message for potential mentees: I am more than happy to speak with students of any background, field of study, etc. and am ready to help you succeed in any way that you see fit. 

 Harrington, Ciara
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I am a psychology major on the pre-med track with a minor in Spanish. I believe that everyone has something to teach someone. Whether you have less experience or more experience everyone should and can learn from each other. I am interested in the psychology of trauma specifically racial trauma. I am looking for a collaborative relationship that feels more like a friendship than a mentorship. I am passionate about literature and music, in my free time I occasionally draft ideas for books. My identities are a first gen black woman in stem. I think that other fields are more connected than separated so I wouldn’t mind working with someone in a different field. 

 Hermann, Felipe
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Hi everyone! My name is Felipe and I'm a senior who's absolutely obsessed with Psychology and therefore majoring in it. I strongly identify as a Latino Buddhist, and I go by any pronouns. My current research interests focus on interventions; specifically, mindfulness-based therapies and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Outside of research I love playing soccer, messing around with all kinds of art, and sipping tea with friends and family. 

I'm looking for a mentee who is passionate and hard working. To be completely transparent I'm usually very busy. Nerveless, I plan on prioritizing my mentee and would like to always find time to be available even though it might require some flexibility. I still feel vastly inexperience, however, undoubtedly my past experiences may provide helpful insight in navigating professional, academic, and life situations. That being said, I'd like to have a friendship-oriented mentee/mentor relationship. I try not to take life too seriously.

 Emily Herum
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Hey everyone! My name is Emily Herum and I will be completing a Biochemistry BS and a Music BA this spring, as well as a minor in Chemistry. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to blossom and feel welcomed in STEM fields. I'm interested in 

Major: Biochemistry BS, Music BA, Chemistry minor

Philosophy: I believe in everyone being welcomed and given the opportunity to learn and grow in STEM fields

Interests: I first considered going into STEM because of plants! My family farms, and I loved considering how we can more sustainably grow our food. I am a plant mom:) I also love the outdoors, playing tennis, and playing trumpet!

What I am looking for: I want a mentee that is looking for a friendship and someone that I can be a resource to for questions about anything!

Identities: Woman in STEM, Rural Background

Availability: Flexible!

Evan Saltz

student photo

Major: I’m a Psychology Major 
Philosophy: For a college philosophy, I believe people should try to form a routine that mixes hobbies, self-care, and good study strategies.
Interests: I’m interested in research on ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health, and SES. I’m also a history minor and trivia enthusiast. 
Passion: I’m a big fan of football and soccer. I also enjoy writing and reading. 
Availability: I’m available nights after 8. I plan on creating a specific time and place I’ll be every week so you can drop by if you’d like. 
Message for potential mentees: Hey mentees, just a quick note, you don’t need to match any of what I stated above to be my mentee! I may not be the best help on homework outside of psychology, but I’m more than happy to talk if you have questions about anything.  

Hector Sanchez Melendez
student photo

Major: Neuroscience
Philosophy:  I believe in having fun with the work I do 

Interest: Cognitive neuroscience, Linguistics

My Passion: wouldn't call it a passion but I like playing chess/boardgames, basketball, and occasionally rock climbing on my spare time

Identities: Puerto Rican, Hispanic

Message to potential Mentees- Hopefully, I live up to your expectations and mine  

 Stephanie Orellana
student photo

I am a fourth-year student here at U-Iowa and I am pursuing my B.S. in Psychology. I previously earned my A.A. Degree at Kirkwood Community College before transferring here. I am currently an undergraduate research assistant in the THRIVE Lab on campus, as well as a member of the LSAMP program. I hope to earn my PhD in Clinical Psychology in the near future and want to work in a mental health and/or research setting!

As a peer mentor, I want to help my mentee get involved at the university and help with any sorts of concerns or goals, no matter how big or small! I am open to a mentee of any background and hope to make a friend along the way. Outside of academics, I love coffee, animals, going to football games (and not know what's going on), and farmers markets! I look forward to meeting my future mentee(s)!

Dean Omar
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Hey everyone, my name is Dean Omar, I am a sophomore majoring in Human-Physiology with a minor in Global Health (which I am super passionate about). I benefited greatly in my first year from mentors that helped me with everything from research to study habits and much more. Because of that I believe that mentors are a great way to have a less serious, friendly relationship with someone where you can still get so much advice and insight from someone who was once in your shoes. My research is in pathology, but my nonacademic interests include sports and traveling. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, I know I have (and still do) benefit from mentors across a wide range of backgrounds and fields of study, so definitely don't be discouraged to reach out even if our interests don't line up perfectly. 

 Anna Ptacek
student photo
Lexi Rozen
student photo

Major: Microbiology (Pre-Med Track)
Minor/Certificates: Global Health Studies, Medical Anthropology, & English!
Organizations Involved in: UIBio, MSF, CCOM ATI, MUSA, TWN!

Volunteering: RVAP, CommUnity, Mobile Clinic!

Jobs: Lab Manager at a Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Research Lab!

About me: ​
Some of my favorite hobbies include reading, cooking, & watching TV (House of the Dragon!!)! I’m also trying to learn how to knit, so if anyone knows how ….

I want to be a mentor because I struggled SO hard freshman year and I don’t want anyone to feel that way!

Sydney Maxa
student photo

Major: 3rd year Interdepartmental Studies - Multidisciplinary Sciences BA, Pre-Dentistry Track
Organizations Involved In: Pre-Dentistry Club, WiSA, HHP@UI, HHP@UI Mentorship Program, Pre-Health Conference Planning Committee, UIBIO, UIBIO tutoring program, CHEM:1070/CHEM:1110 Learning Assistant
I am very fond of both human biology and inorganic chemistry. I am in my third year of being a Learning Assistant for Principles I/Gen Chem I, and it has solidified my love for STEM Education. I also enjoy the Classics- I am studying Latin right now, and Ancient Rome is a very fun part of history to look into!

I am looking forward to working with any mentee-
regardless of specific major or pre-health track! I have learned so much during my time at Iowa about how to succeed academically, how to have a work-life balance, and how to feel confident in yourself and your academic journey without comparing yourself to others. My goal with any mentee is to develop a professional and personal relationship that benefits both parties- I want to learn from you as well! And I hope we get to know each other well enough that we don’t JUST talk about classes :)

Isabel Goetz
student photo

Major: ​Neuroscience (Pre-Medical Track)

Minor/Certificate: ​Psychology

Involvement: Member of the Newman Catholic Student Center, volunteer at UIHC, research Assistant in the D.E.N. Lab, member of the Honors College, veterinary technician, sales representative, Mercy Iowa City unit coordinator, member of UIBIO, member of the Iowa Neuroscience Club, and more

About me: ​

Hobbies:​ I like to do most things, especially volunteering, reading, baking, hiking, swimming, exercising, watching movies, playing card and board games, participating in sports,, and working with animals

Why you want to be a mentor:​ My passion lies in helping others, whether that is holding the door for someone, helping someone complete a given activity, or just talking with and listening to someone. I hope to be available for my peer mentee(s) in any way that they need me so that they can come to succeed in their pursuits and love the University of Iowa as much as I do. I want to pay the kindness and guidance of others in my life forward to help others make a difference and further contribute to the spread of love and hope in today’s world.

Omar Montiel
student photo

Major: ​Biology/Genetics (Pre-PA)
Minor/Certificate: French

Involvement: Undergraduate Research with Dr. Smolikove, Nursing Assistant at UIHC, MAPS, RVAP Volunteer, Department of Biology Student Ambassador, French Club, SAPP

About me: ​

Hobbies:​ I like photography, plants, painting, hammocking, playing Stardew Valley, hanging out with friends, cooking, listening to podcasts and music

Being in STEM is difficult, especially here at the University. I know my first two years were really hard for for me, so the help and mentorship that I wish I had is what I’d like to provide other students with. I have friends from diverse backgrounds and majors, so feel comfortable asking me for advice on things not-science related :) Let’s be successful and have fun! :D

Daniel Fu
student photo

Major: ​Biomedical Sciences

Minor/Certificate: ​Philosophy Minor, Certificate in Clinical and Translational Sciences

Involvement: UI Table Tennis Club, Research in the Fisher Lab, SI College Physics I Leader, Nursing Assistant at UIHC

In the past, I have held leadership positions on student organizations and had research fellowships!

About me: ​I enjoy running and playing table tennis! Other than that, I enjoy reading when I have the time

Why you want to be a mentor:​ There are a lot of things that are largely out of our control when it comes how we live our lives. Large-scale systemic disparities are typically arbitrary, and so justice is achieved through working against such distinctions. I hope to help increase the amount of POCs and disadvantaged students in academia and professional careers!

Megan McGovern
student photo

Major: ​Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med)
Involvement: ​Co-volunteer chair for Women in STEM Ambassadors, member of hawkeye fitness club, volunteer at UIHC, and work in a radiation oncology lab.

About me: ​

Hobbies:​ When I have free time, I love to lift at the rec, watch movies, and spend time with friends. If the weather is nice, I enjoy going on long walks and swimming!

During my first year, I had a few different students help me with my transition to college and feel comfortable on campus. I want to be able to help others feel welcome and succeed at the university through being a mentor. I’m open to mentoring anyone regardless of major and have a very flexible schedule!