Jahnavi P Pandya

ISA Career Counselor
Graduate Research Assistant

Hi, I'm Jahnavi. I've had the privilege of working with a diverse client population including school and college students with different interests, cultures, and identities as a counseling psychologist in India and a doctoral trainee at the University of Iowa.  

I am passionate about providing psychological support to emerging adults and help facilitate the growth of salient parts of their identity, foster purpose in their lives, and formulate goals for change.  

I believe college students manage a lot apart from just studies. Thus, sometimes academic and career choices may be influenced by several other factors such as major life adjustments, moving away from home, interpersonal relationships, past experiences, emotional state, mental health, and belief in self. I am happy to help facilitate a space where students navigate through choices that fit best with their interests, abilities, personality, aptitude, and identity. My aim is to create an empathetic safe space where students learn to appreciate their self-worth and foster self-respect and self-compassion as they navigate through the process of education and transitioning into adulthood. I follow a multidisciplinary approach and respect the different cultural practices of clients. 

I want to acknowledge that some people may feel anxious or apprehensive about reaching out. I would encourage you to reach out, even if you feel confused about what you want to speak about. I look forward to working with you.