Thursday, April 4, 2024

Congratulation to nine ISA students who presented at the 2024 Spring Undergraduate Research Festival!

SURF 2024 ISA student presentations
NameProgram Presentation Title 
Waad AbdellaLSAMPInfection dynamics of disease associated S. suis (DASS) at farrowing.
Nicole BoodhooLathamCorticosterone’s potential role in seizure-induced death for amygdala kindled mice
Fabiola Castaneda-SantiagoScience AllianceDiversity of Eupelmids parasites of oak gall wasps
Molly GuerraMARCThe Association Between Parenting Stress and Children's Internalizing Problems: Investigating Negative Emotionality as a Moderator
SURF 24 Guerra

Mary Haag
LathamBurning Bright: How I wrote a children’s book about the Sun
Natalie KehrliMARCPhysical Activity in Schizotypy: Group Differences and Associations With Negative Symptoms and Functional Outcomes
Alexia LynnMARCThe Developmental Trajectory of Twitches in Quiet Sleep
Lynn SURF SP24
Precious Pate and Morgan AndersonLSAMPAnalyzing Endopolyploidy in freshwater snails